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The Tumbler Ridge Community Forest Agreement (CFA) (Licence # K2O) covers 39,986 hectares (ha) within the Dawson Creek (DC) Timber Supply Area (TSA). The area includes the original and expansion polygons on the map.  The majority of the licence includes drown lands in and around the town of Tumbler Ridge and runs extending as much as 20 km north and south of the town.

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The Full Sustainable Cycle

Our sustainable process ensures harvested blocks are successfully regrown. The below photos look at the regrowth of the CP1 Block since harvesting in 2012.

2012 Pre-Harvest
2013 After Tree Planting
2016 Initial Tree Growth
2023 Restoring Forest

Forest Stewardship Plan

A forest stewardship plan (FSP) is a map-based, landscape-level plan of potential forest development activities that are intended to take place in the plan area. Forest agreement holders must prepare, and have approved by government, a forest stewardship plan before harvesting or road building activities can begin. The forest stewardship plan has a term of five years and may be renewed for additional terms.

TRCF Forest Stewardship Plan - March 2012

This application for a Forest Stewardship Plan is produced for Community Forest Agreement K20. The agreement covers harvesting rights of crown timber from 19,809 ha surrounding Tumbler Ridge. The plan is primarily a landscape level plan that contains legally enforceable results or strategies for managing a forest resource.

TRCF Forest Stewardship Plan - March 2012 Support Document

This supporting document to the Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) assists readers of the FSP in interpreting its application for resource management within the areas covered by the forest development units of the FSP.

TRCF 2019 Multi-Signatory Forest Stewardship Plan

This multi-signatory Forest Stewardship Plan is being developed as a joint effort from the listed forest tenure holders operating in the Peace Natural Resource District. The consistency serves to aid the public, stakeholders and First Nations in gaining a deeper understanding and confidence in the forest practices being exercised on the landscape.

TRCF 2019 Multi-Signatory Forest Stewardship Plan Companion Document

Additional detail for the results, strategies and measures that represent normal forest management practices implemented by the holders of the FSP.

TRCF 2019 South Peace Forest Service Plan - Ministry Approval Letter

Approval letter from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development approving the 2019 Forest Service Plan for a term of 5 years.

Forest Management

A Management Plan contains detailed information to justify the size of the site and the proposed use of the land during the application process. The plan may evolve throughout the process in response to issues and concerns raised. The final management plan identifies how operating conditions, standards or criteria resulting from earlier stages will be met.

The objective of the TRCF organization is to enhance the quality of life of the residents through the sustainable use of forest resources, providing economic and social benefits while protecting environmental values such as water, soil air, biodiversity and wildlife habitat. The intention is to manage sustainably the forest resources, ensuring that non-timber resources are protected while not unduly constraining forest development activities such as road building and harvesting.

TRCFC February 2016 Management Plan

This management plan follows the original 2011 25-year agreement and relates to TRCF's uplift request to address Mountain Pine Beetle damaged timber.

TRCF Strategic Plan 2018

The 2018 strategic plan builds upon the milestones achieved since the 2012 strategic plan, reviewing its goals and objectives and shaping them to the next 5 year's requirements

2019 Ministry Review & Determination of Management Plan Applicability Letter

Confirmation letter from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations that the existing management plan remains in effect

TRCF Timber Supply Analysis Report Sept 2020

This analysis was compiled in support of an allowable cut determination that includes the original community forest area as well as the expansion community forest area.

TRCF Data Package Sept 2020

Supporting data to the Tumbler Ridge Community Forest Agreement (K20) Timber Supply Analysis Report

TRCF Forest Management Plan Jan 2021

This Management Plan builds upon the original 2011 25-year Community Forest Agreement and incorporates an expansion area of 20,134 ha. for a total of 39,986 ha.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan - Aug 2014

The purpose of a CWPP is to identify the wildfire risks within and surrounding a community, to describe the potential consequences if a wildfire was to impact the community, and to examine possible ways to reduce the wildfire risk.

Community Wildland Fire Protection Plan - Aug 2006

BC provincial regional districts, municipalities, and fire departments have created wildland interface fire management plans becaue weath paterns and flammable vegetation have created a high-risk for interface fires.

Get Involved!

If you would like to know more about the Community Forest, there are lots of ways to get involved. Come out to our quarterly public meetings or the Annual General Meeting. Approach the management with your inquiries, or request information from one of the seven directors. Perhaps you have a business opportunity. We welcome all input.