Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

The following documents govern TRCF business operations and management processes.

Director Code of Conduct

This policy establishes clear guidelines for the expected conduct of both current and past appointed TRCF Directors

Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality

This policy defines appropriate conduct and fiduciary duties to TRCF in regards to conflicts of interest and confidentiality.

Contract Tendering

This policy is to be followed by TRCF Directors and Management staff with tendering contracts.

Emergency Communications

Emergency communication processes for Directors and management staff to follow during fires, floods, severe weather as well as other human-initiated and natural disasters.

Financial Approval and Capitalization of Asset

Standard policy for Directors, financial and operations staff to follow during the approval of of invoices, cheques and capitalization of assets.

Funding Request

This policy concerns the processes for TRCF Directors and management staff to follow when assessing community grant requests

Reserve Fund

Policies for Directors and management staff to financially manage the reserve fund at a minimum level of $250,000 for ensuring continued operations and for emergency use during industry downturns

Company Investments

Broad objectives, performance expectations and guidelines for the management of TRCF Corporation investments

Procedures for Board

Procedures and responsibilities for the appointed TRCF Directors for decision making and participating in BOD meetings

Procedures for Board Appointed Committees

This procedure concerns the conduct and responsibilities of all committee members. Committees are appointed by the Board to consider, inquire into, report and make recommendations to the Board on various issues

Responsibility for Board and Leadership Positions

Responsibilities for key leadership positions and the appointed TRCF Directors

COVID-19 Exposure Plan

This exposure control plan ensures that all employees, contractors and visitors at a worksite are protected from occupational exposure to biological agents